Aduro® continues to be established in the year 2006 and it has a clinical license for producing Brought Light beauty related products. We own the state brand registration then sell our online Brought light box therapy products through this site. Watch out for cheap imitations offered on the web. Aduro® may be the market leader and largest producer of Brought Light beauty equipment. We deliver products to clients around the world.

Our Brought Goggles possess a patented technology that contours so they cover the whole facial skin with rejuvenating Brought light. NASA first discovered the healing power light when going through the results of LEDs. They found that Brought light includes a huge therapeutic effect on your body.

Hospitals and medical clinics use Light box therapy like a strategy to many skin disorders including skin psoriasis, vitiligo, scleroderma along with other skin conditions. Light box therapy slows lower the cell growth and inflammation that triggers skin problems to build up.

Aduro provides a wide range of Brought products for use at your home and for professionals. All of our Brought goggles along with other Brought products offer many therapeutic treatments which are safe, non-invasive and natural and chemical free.

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